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Spiders and Presents

Last night’s dreams:

Mom and dad were staying at the house, but they were out for the evening.  They left a Christmas present that I wasn’t supposed to open yet.  I did, though, and saw that they had given me a wonderful high-tech laptop.  I opened the box a little more and saw a letter and a check.  I was trying to figure out how to rewrap it when I heard them come home.  I looked up at the ceiling in my office (where the present was), and I saw two enormous black spiders (about the size of my fist).  Their legs were blue with copper-colored ball joints.  I shouted WTF? and lay down on the floor.  The spiders, which had grown even more, landed on me.  Dad went for help, but I couldn’t stand the thought of the spiders crawling on me so I jumped up.  The cats decided to eat the spiders.  I guess the cats were all right.  I knew I would have to deal with the opened present at some point and then woke up.  

I might have some clues about parts of the dream.  I was googling insects yesterday in preparation  for my research class.  I spent a lot of time looking at insects.  That doesn’t actually explain the dream, though.  

These dreams actually occur in the morning, right before I wake up.

Back to Bartending Dream

Was bartending at Uncle Bently’s again, but just for an evening.  At first, hardly anyone was there, but then suddenly, people just piled in.  I couldn’t hear or understand what customers wanted and they ordered drinks I didn’t know how to make.  We ran out of glasses, and the sinks were completely full of glasses and silverware.  The silverware thing was odd since we didn’t serve food.  Rusty and a friend came in, but it was dark and I had a hard time actually seeing them.  Mom and dad were there.  Mom ordered a Coke and dad ordered a rum and coke.  I kept trying to make dad’s drink but kept messing it up.  

I hate inadequacy dreams.

Lost in New York Dream

Was in New York with W&E.  We took the subway to a really nice restaurant in a huge building that had many, many fine restaurants.  I had books with me.  I was dressed in a beautiful red gown. I decided I needed to step out.  I rode on a train and on a very wide highway.  When I tried to get back to the restaurant, I couldn’t remember how to get there.  When I finally did find it, I couldn’t remember the restaurant in the building and I couldn’t remember W&G’s last name.  I decided I needed to find Cheryl and Gail and stay with them but I didn’t know what direction to go.  Somehow I came up with an address for them but the subway wasn’t going to run that late and when I flew home, I’d need keys for my car at the airport, but W&G had them. I also wasn’t sure where the car was.

I don’t know if this is from last night or another dream I simply just remembered.  I forgot that I had booked a vacation flight to a wonderful beach destination.  So I dropped everything and went.  

Glad it was only a dream . . .

Knowing that my dreams are generally non-linear, that they are bits and pieces, I’m going to simply write down the impressions and avoid creating a linear narrative.  Having said that, sometimes impressions will seem to be linear.

Hannah drove to town to find me and tell me that a horse named Chance had died, but this was a different horse than the Chance that had already died.*  I had a lot of difficulty hearing what she was saying.**

Hannah and I decided to do some shopping for her wedding.  She bought a $229 bracelet, sweaters, a lovely hat, and more clothes than we could carry.  Others joined us and bought things as well; then they (not Hannah) decided to go through all of the stores and take everything they wanted, which for some reason ended in a grand party.  I drove a lawn tractor through the stores.  Couldn’t find my car.

I found a a white dachshund (but it really wasn’t white or a dachshund) and tried to return it to its owner.  I was told it belonged to the people down the street who owned a brothel.  Yes, that was the word used.  The dog’s leash (more like a tattered rope) got caught in the axle of my car and I had to crawl under the car to get it loose.  

Made it to the barn to discover that Chance wasn’t dead.  At least that’s what I think I heard.  I couldn’t quite make out what people were saying.

This is similar to the hat Hannah found (except not pink and it had a net)



*The reality:  I decided to stop by the barn on my way home from Rockwall and see what Wonder Horse was up to and saw that they added 2 new horses to the pasture.  One is an enormous Friesian/Percheron cross.  Beautiful animal.

**Yesterday as I mowed my lawn, I was listening to a book.  I had to crank it up to hear it over the mower.  I wondered how badly this affects my hearing.  

Sandwich Dream

Where do these dreams come from?  I made breakfast for mom and dad, which consisted of grilled cheese with grilled onion sandwiches.  But I couldn’t make enough sandwiches because more and more people kept showing up.  When it came time to clean up, I couldn’t find room in the sink or in the kitchen to get everything tidy.   

Dystopia Dream

Last night’s dream dealt with a dystopian world.  The collapse was a sudden thing.  I think it had to do with not enough food and too many stupid humans.  This dream also had to do with mountain slides (probably from the Washington report), lack of water, and lack of food, probably from the UN report:  I scavenged for food and a place to live.  

Bad Dreams . . . and I have a lot of them

Last night I dreamed I was on my way to a conference (ChLA), which was being held in a hugely massive hotel.  I got my room and put my luggage and just about everything else there.   I went out with friends with just my purse.  Didn’t even register with the hotel (note the contradiction with a previous sentence).  In the meantime, apparently, the hotel caught on fire and all guess were ejected.  Without their luggage.  I tried to estimate the value of my items but got it wrong.  I was also notified that I could put my luggage claim to the front of the line if I paid for it.  I essentially asked for the luggage claimants to revolt.  That it was all a capitalist conspiracy.  This dream deeply distressed me.  Deeply.  I couldn’t get home.  I only wanted to get home.