Lost in New York Dream

Was in New York with W&E.  We took the subway to a really nice restaurant in a huge building that had many, many fine restaurants.  I had books with me.  I was dressed in a beautiful red gown. I decided I needed to step out.  I rode on a train and on a very wide highway.  When I tried to get back to the restaurant, I couldn’t remember how to get there.  When I finally did find it, I couldn’t remember the restaurant in the building and I couldn’t remember W&G’s last name.  I decided I needed to find Cheryl and Gail and stay with them but I didn’t know what direction to go.  Somehow I came up with an address for them but the subway wasn’t going to run that late and when I flew home, I’d need keys for my car at the airport, but W&G had them. I also wasn’t sure where the car was.

I don’t know if this is from last night or another dream I simply just remembered.  I forgot that I had booked a vacation flight to a wonderful beach destination.  So I dropped everything and went.  

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