Glad it was only a dream . . .

Knowing that my dreams are generally non-linear, that they are bits and pieces, I’m going to simply write down the impressions and avoid creating a linear narrative.  Having said that, sometimes impressions will seem to be linear.

Hannah drove to town to find me and tell me that a horse named Chance had died, but this was a different horse than the Chance that had already died.*  I had a lot of difficulty hearing what she was saying.**

Hannah and I decided to do some shopping for her wedding.  She bought a $229 bracelet, sweaters, a lovely hat, and more clothes than we could carry.  Others joined us and bought things as well; then they (not Hannah) decided to go through all of the stores and take everything they wanted, which for some reason ended in a grand party.  I drove a lawn tractor through the stores.  Couldn’t find my car.

I found a a white dachshund (but it really wasn’t white or a dachshund) and tried to return it to its owner.  I was told it belonged to the people down the street who owned a brothel.  Yes, that was the word used.  The dog’s leash (more like a tattered rope) got caught in the axle of my car and I had to crawl under the car to get it loose.  

Made it to the barn to discover that Chance wasn’t dead.  At least that’s what I think I heard.  I couldn’t quite make out what people were saying.

This is similar to the hat Hannah found (except not pink and it had a net)



*The reality:  I decided to stop by the barn on my way home from Rockwall and see what Wonder Horse was up to and saw that they added 2 new horses to the pasture.  One is an enormous Friesian/Percheron cross.  Beautiful animal.

**Yesterday as I mowed my lawn, I was listening to a book.  I had to crank it up to hear it over the mower.  I wondered how badly this affects my hearing.  

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